About Us

Authentic Man is your home for resources to help you become the man you were born to be; genuine, strong, confident, caring, skilled, successful, and fully self-aware.

The world needs authentic men. There is no greater sense of calm power than knowing who you are and not being blown around by the negativity in society today.

AuthenticMan.com will bring you speakers, authors, and influencers who are helping men reclaim their inner man and discovering their purpose in life. We bring these to you through our Podcast, videos, articles, audio programs, books, seminars, and community forum.

We can think of no greater work that could be done to make the world a better place than to empower good men and inspire them to do great things! Join the movement, help us grow, and pay it forward to your brothers as your life is changed.


Welcome to Authentic Man!

About The Founder

Mark Edward Davis has dedicated his life to helping, educating, and supporting men to become their best since he hosted his first men’s group at age 25. He built a computer leasing distributorship to $5.5 million in the 2000’s until the crash. He recovered and built a seven-figure relationship, marriage and men’s coaching business with www.dreamconnections.com. He’s helped over 300 become married with only 2 divorced.

In 2014 he was named Dating Coach of the Year and Matchmaker of the Year finalist by the iDate Conference. He’s a certified therapist under Dr. Robert Glover, a Christian counselor, author of the best-selling book on international relationships, and the host of the Authentic Man Podcast. He’s been hosting weekly webinars for men every week since March of 2011 covering topics like confidence, entrepreneurship, relationships, and many more. His YouTube channel, Dream Connections, is a YouTube Channel Partner and has more than 800 videos and more than 19,000 subscribers.

He’s an authentic man himself, who has experienced the loss of a spouse and financial bankruptcy. He has had to overcome ‘nice guy’ tendencies in order to find his own voice in the world and can relate to the struggles of men today. His teaching style is from the heart and genuine – taken from his own life, as well the thousands of other men he’s touched over the years. But, his great passion is to see men’s hearts come alive and inspire greatness in others.